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Our Story

An innovative disruptive technology- developing and integrating technology and knowledge through research. SupimS-Allergy is all about people and machines working together, continuously seeking to improve and refine the technology that empowers allergy sufferers worldwide to overcome their annoying allergies.


SupimS-Allergy is a disruptive market innovative technology solution that helps allergy sufferers to overcome existing allergies by desensitization of their immune system to the extent of not/less reacting to allergens!

The solution we have developed combines an  innovative and proprietary method of digitalization of a specific psychological techniques for allergies with advanced analysis, Artificial Intelligence, and superior BioSignal devices.

Our sophisticated tool implements a concept, which is based on the relatively new field of Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI), which has explained just how intimate that link between mind & body might be.

A unique technology solution:

* Proprietary concept *

* Affordable *

* Treats the source rather than the symptoms only *

* Nonintrusive *

* No medications *

* No doctors/Therapists *

* Self-treatment *

* Can be taken anytime/anywhere *  


A common belief amongst both allergy MDs and allergy sufferers is that there is no cure for allergies. 
But there are effective treatments that can reduce symptoms and improve patient’s quality of life.

Such common allergy treatments are: Allergen avoidance, Medications (mostly Antihistamines and Steroids) and Immunotherapy. If you have a severe allergy, you might need to carry an emergency epinephrine shot at all times, to only reduce symptoms until you get emergency treatment.

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Keep Calm...

Our technology solution introduces a new era in allergy treatments.

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Our Solution

A self-treatment technology solution implementing a solid and well-proven protocol supported by integrated BioSignals devices, analytics, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to desensitize the patient’s immunity system.

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